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Who we are

Serving students since 2016, National TeleTherapy Resources is a leader in the telehealth community. Beginning as a dream to bring quality speech-language services to underserved areas, NTR quickly grew to support schools and students across the country in nearly all related service areas.


Therapist owned and operated


Level of personal service unmatched by larger teletherapy organizations


State and Nationally Licensed Providers

Our Mission

Unlocking untapped potential by inspiring self-confidence.

Our Core Values

  • Nurturing

    We make every student feel like our only priority with dedicated care and kindness.

  • Team Focused

    We support each other because a supportive team builds strong therapists and successful students.

  • Relationships

    Showing up without fail To foster genuine support in every interaction.


“Communication is our connection to both learning and each other.”
– NTR Therapist

Speech-Language Therapy

> Language
> Reading
> Articulation
> Fluency
> Social Skills
> Executive Functioning

“An active body facilitates an active mind.”
– NTR Therapist

Adapted Physical Education

> Exercise
> Fitness
> Stretching
> Gross Motor

“Behaviour is its own form of communication. The key is in the understanding.”
– NTR Therapist

Behavior intervention

> Behavior analysis
> Behavior management strategies
> Training and support for teachers and families

“Emotional well-being help clear the path to success.”
– NTR Therapist


> Social Skills
> Emotional Regulation
> Conflict Resolution
> Coping Skills

“The ability to participate in everyday activities is what brings meaning to our lives.”
– NTR Therapist

Occupational Therapy

> Fine Motor Skills
> Visual Motor Integration
> Sensory Processing
> Attention and Self-Regulation
> Executive Functioning

Certified Providers with years of experience, working collaboratively to reach goals!

What our School Partners Have to Say:

“I wanted to send your team a note of gratitude for their impeccable work with my students.”

“Having only person to call when I need something makes all the difference. I talk to James and don’t think about it again because I know it’s handled.”

“Thank you sooo much for jumping in at such a last minute. You all are truly amazing!!!!”

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