Life Milestones.

Working from home doesn’t always give you the same opportunities to know your teammates and to celebrate life’s milestones.

Celebrating each other is essential at NTR. Whether it’s a baby or sending a child off to college, it’s important!

Let’s have lunch!

How do you get to know a co-worker when you work from home?

Have lunch! From time to time, NTR employees are offered $20 gift cards to have virtual lunch with a co-worker.

What do our therapists think?

We asked in an anonymous survey!

Please explain the culture at NTR!

”The culture at NTR is amazing, if I had to explain it, I’d say the word welcoming and supportive comes to mind, NTR welcomes everyone and has incredible staff support.”

— Anonymous NTR Therapist

”We are very much a team at NTR. We collaborate, share with each other, and support one another..”

— Anonymous NTR Therapist

”The culture at NTR is very supportive. Being a newbie to this field, I’ve never been talked down to or made to feel like my input is less valuable. It may seem like a small thing to those at the top, but the gifts at the beginning of the school year and at the holidays were so special. I’ve never had an employer care enough to do something like that.”

— Anonymous NTR Therapist

“NTR is a supportive, collaborative group of really well-trained professionals. We support each other and look out for each other. We each bring strengths to the table and are allowed to operate in those strengths while being able to reach out for assistance in our weaknesses. We are allowed to say, “no” if our workload is too heavy, but we are also allowed to say, “yes” when we are able to support another professional.”

— Anonymous NTR Therapist

Faces of NTR

If NTR was an animal, what animal would it be?

“I think of it as a beehive! We all have our individual roles and caseloads but come together under one roof as a team.”

— Anonymous NTR Therapist

“A unicorn because it is rare to find a company like NTR (I know they aren’t real! lol)”

— Anonymous NTR Therapist

“I think NTR would be a puppy. There’s never been a negative comment or feedback. Everyone appears to be happy and enjoy their jobs. Everything is super supportive and positive, just like coming home to a dog happy to see you at the end of the day!”

— Anonymous NTR Therapist

“Great question- that’s a hard one. I’m gonna say an elephant because we move as a family/ pack and are really cute :)”

— Anonymous NTR Therapist